Bob Dylan plays "Free Bird" for a screaming fan


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Unless Bob is controlling the entire band with his mind, I’m pretty sure he’s doing nothing at all here. The band does rip though, tighter than Dick’s hatband.


Since it’s such a short clip we have no idea what the interaction is between the crowd, Bob, and the band.


Reading the YouTube comments, this is apparently the entire thing (minus the initial crowd interaction of course).


While that’s cool, I guess, I do hope that person was beaten to death by the crowd.


Guess what’s stuck in my head now? Thanks, Jason.


I yelled “Free Bird” at a California Guitar Trio show once. After the chuckles at my ironic outburst subsided, the lead then said they’d play their most requested song and launched into Free Bird. And they played the whole song, too. And everyone enjoyed it.



“These are all protest songs, man.”–Dylan in response to a fan at the Royal Albert Hall (the actual one, not the more famous Manchester show)


Now I want someone to yell “Freebird!” at a YoYo Ma show.


Everyone should yell out Free Bird at every concert whenever there’s an opportunity.

Greatest song ever!!! :wink:


The only time I’ve yelled Freebird was at a renaissance festival… sadly the minstel band didn’t oblige.


So you actually like Free Bird? I always wonder if the people who yell for that song like it.


Is it Too Many Cooks?


We don’t.


Back in the 70’s I was at a concert with Edgar Winter and Lynyrd Skynyrd.
This was in Alabama at a baseball stadium. The concert was well over time by almost an hour and apparently the management decided to cut power to the stage to get everyone to leave…in the middle of Freebird.
They turned it back on pretty quickly to avoid the riot.


I yell, but I yell something else.
I yell; “POOP DOPE!”


Nope, not particularly. I mean, it’s fine and all, and CGT had fun with it and were definitely being cheeky. And that’s the only time I ever yelled it at a concert. Who knows, if I hadn’t yell it, they may not have played it.


I’m game!


Naturally, because Bob Dylan is nothing if not obliging.