Bodum coffee grinder handle hack

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My pet peeve a messy counter top.

I have the same grinder. I still don’t understand why it has two power buttons.


Brandishing that thing about by the handle gives me anxiety that the oh-so-thin Bodum glass receptacle would pop out.
Also protip, never clean those with paper towels or you’ll have white fuzz on it forever. Otherwise 10/10 grinder.

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But why would you need to move it? Let alone so much to require a handle?

  • Set on counter
  • Plug in
  • Grind beans as needed
  • Eventually die

I have a different grinder and while i don’t have a need to have a handle on the back what i would like is to have one on the side. There’s a small degree of awkward holding of the grinder when i have to pull out the receptacle for the grounds that have been processed, half the time i have to struggle a small bit as it slips and slides from my grip. Same when i have to twist the top to adjust the coarseness of the grind. I also wish the bottom of the grinder had suction cups like my blender to keep it firmly in place.


I was going to invite the author to our DIY thread but he’s not cool enough to have a bbs account. lame.

This went a long way towards solving that issue for me:

As an unrepentant coffee snob, I have to wonder why this doesn’t just sit on your counter?

You DO grind your beans right before using them, right? So, every day? Appliances that don’t get used every day should be put away, but not a coffee grinder.

Boy, you sure showed them! Although there’s another way to install a handle.


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