Bodum pour-over coffee maker with permanent filter

Unfortunately, while coffee chemistry has been exhaustively studied for decades (cf Illy’s remarkable book), and extraction properties between different brewing types have been carefully compared, much of this was either before the anyone was interested in the connection to cholesterol, or was by people primarily interested in aromatics. Thus, an article like DOI:10.3109/09637486.2015.1064871, which should answer this question, doesn’t. Almost all of the studies on diterpenes and cafestol involve press pot or boiled coffee because that’s what the original Dutch researchers used, and you get better comparisons when everyone is starting with approximately the same setup.


I tried to request the article but it’s not available instantly through our ESCOHost account. I had to do a request that’ll take a few days.

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Tamp them in the filter and prewet the grounds.

Well with that shiny new Chem degree your dream job awaits at the soon to be opened local Foxxcomm factory assembling iPhones…

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why can’t Aeropress make a 1-litre model?

I craves it, I needs it…

With paper filter of course


You can not possibly compare the two.
Chemex is the way it is, precisely because it uses paper filters. Paper absorbs a lot of the oily substances in coffee.
The result is smooth and distinct.

Metal mesh filters let oils pass. The results is different. Many people like it, I don’t. Matter of taste.
But the difference is massive!

What remains is a similar shape and aesthetics. Between the two systems. Nothing else.

PS: Able has nice stainless steel filters for chemex and V60 if that is your thing. Search Able Kone.

Hahaha… eww.


Funny, I have a mahogany one on indiegogo which definitely increases the lower tones while maintaining the brighter notes. We should team up and fleece together!


I only use Monster filters: their crystalline structure aligns the caffeine molecules to eliminate phasing errors.


As it happens, about a month after I changed my habit from pod-driven to metal-filtered Real Coffee™, my doctor called me in yesterday to tell me my cholesterol level has shot up. I know it’s anecdata but I’m switching to paper, and I’ll see how I get on.


Mmmmm, Quantum coffee.

I’m always on the lookout for ways to remove disposable things from my life. I think I’ll stick to my Kalita Wave for now though.

I’ve been pretty happy with my drip coffee maker. I’ve worked at small coffee shops that had great coffee and took a lot of pride in a quality drink. But for my daily routine i just don’t care, at this point in my life i’m satisfied drinking Folgers drip coffee every morning.
Maybe in a few years time i might upgrade to a better setup (i doubt it) but my needs at the moment are pretty simple.


I bought the metal filter initially because of the mess and the waste of paper, and because maybe 1 time in 10 I wouldn’t be paying attention and would rupture the filters by pouring the water too quickly.

Also, my Chemex strategy is weird to most - I like my coffee bodega-style, light-medium roast, brewed with less coffee and poured through fast. It’s cheaper, it completely eliminates the timing fuckery involved with slower pours, it’s significantly faster and less fiddly, and if you do it right, it washes out the maximum amount of caffeine fast so the water doesn’t begin to leech bitter oils from oversaturating the grounds. It kills bitterness but keeps body.

While practice may have eventually made perfect with a paper setup, I much preferred to be able to make a pot of coffee in my sleep in a known and reliable amount of time, without the risk of having to start over or strain.

Yeah, go! Does yours use vacuum tubes? Mine uses three (I call them “valves” to give a fancy British sound).

You want to eliminate the water-flowing-through-the-grinds-too-fast problem? Get a Clever Coffee Dripper. You decide how long the coffee & water do their thing. For me, 30 seconds to pour, 3 minutes wait, 30 seconds to drain into cup.

And if you like the oils & such, use a SS filter instead of paper.

Seriously, my Clever is my daily driver. Aeropress is a close second, and wins when I need something for the suitcase or backpack.

Seriously, best coffee invention EVAR!

Edit: first sentence is a question, not a statement. Needed proper punctuation. And I need more coffee…

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Question: Do tea drinkers kick up this much of a fuss over brewing techniques?

Not really a problem for me at this point; I’m happy with using paper filters in the Chemex, but 99% of the time I just use the always-on espresso machine in my kitchen.

Are you kidding? They surround the whole process with elaborate ceremonies.


Even though I’m solid on using the Clever, I want a Chemex. That sciency glass, the leather tie, the wood (wood-like?) thingy at the neck… oh, my!

I also want a vacuum coffee maker… just look at them!