Body rolled up in carpet inside car was something else

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Prince Charming? Ridicule is nothing to be scared of.


Also, never leave your garbage on the street bundled up like this:



I liked this plot point more when it happened in Striking Distance


I think you mean always. :laughing: (Or at least I would if my garbage pickup was more than a pair of rolling bins out by the curb. Maybe something to remember for next time we have something for bulk pickup …)

That face. You suppose anyone at a shooting range makes a face like that? :thinking:

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Naw, I used to work with garbage pickup crews once upon a time. Their job is bad enough already.


The shoes are cool, if rather modren for a Prince Charming. I’d expect slippers w/extra long or upturned toes, or glossy pumps.*

*Olde Fashioned men’s pumps are a sort of cross between loafers and ballet flats

Yeah, agreed. I’ve had just a taste of cleanup work from working a summer job doing ground maintenance at a KOA campground. On the other hand, our sanitation crew goes through with the trucks quickly enough I wonder if they’d even notice! (The neighbors, however …)

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lull the garbagemen into a sense of false security, and THEN you dispose of the body.

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Yeah. Can’t be him. Wore different shoes.

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