Bodycam footage of man being pulled from burning building

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Git 'er done. I want that guy to come if I ever need to call the cops.


A bit of a gamble, there just might have been a flashover when he kicked the door in, but it payed off.


Corey, from his hospital bed: “Yep, those are my dirty feet all right.”

Yeah, he seemed to duck either to avoid that or inhaling too much smoke. How does one make that sort of determination, I wonder?

Either way, putting oneself at risk on the slim chance that you may save another is the definition of hero.

You check the door for whether it’s hot and/or air is being sucked in through the gaps. (Tricky in a stress situation.)
I had the opportunity to see a simulated flashover and it made a lasting impression on me.



This is a strange observation, but there’s a 95% chance they would have been pulling out a grown man in his underwear if I was Corey. I don’t think I’ve ever been sockless with no pants on at the same time.

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On second thought, there’s likely a 90% chance I would have had socks on, yet still no pants.


someone will sue him though for dragging him silly though it would be. or maybe I’m just really down on people these days…

Like Rob Reiner I am a sock and a shoe guy.
Left one first, of course.

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