Boeing Starliner test flight misses orbit, won't dock at ISS

Press release from Boeing making it all sound just a little “sub-nominal”:


I think you mean Boeing, unless the Boing Boing staff are secretly Thunderbirds. :wink:


And I was looking forward to everyone on the BBS beating EM to colonising Mars.

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I’d like to imagine we’d go somewhere interesting, like Europa or Titan, or marginally habitable, like the upper atmosphere of Venus.

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This isn’t Boeing very well… Faulty timer knackers Starliner cargo capsule on its way to International Space Station

It seems to be (wait for it…) a software problem!

Also, no x-mas presents for the 'nauts now.


fixed - thanks

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It was a good typo. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Boeing craft has a software problem at a critical moment, and claims that an on board crew should have been able to correct the problem. Where have I heard that one before?


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