Boeing to resume 737 MAX production before mid-year, unclear what will change

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if it’s Boeing I’m not going


New marketing? “They take off, and where they land is anyone’s guess”.


If 737 Max is it,
you must not sit


So now in addition to a housing bubble, Boeing is creating an airplane bubble!

Their thinking here, is that they can convince the FAA to play ball, all they need is more economic pressure to make them cave.

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now go put that up with new sars outbreak

Well, if President Biff has anything to say,
the FAA approval is only a greased palm away.

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Airbus or Bust.


“Guaranteed to get you back on the ground, one way or another.”


There appears to be a conflict between:


He also said it will not launch a marketing campaign to get customers to get back on 737 MAX planes.

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Every seat comes with a life vest and a parachute?

I saw an article earlier today saying that they were stopping the 737 Max, but i misunderstood as it seems that it was a temporary stop to production.

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Let the 737 take you to Heaven.


“The last best flight you’ll ever take.”


People on the No Fly list are welcome on board!

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What will change, indeed? Undercoating? Free pinstripe package? A new model name?

“A 737 Max 8? Don’t be absurd! It’s a new 737 Maximilian. Welcome aboard!”


Speaking as someone who has been impacted quite dramatically from the production cuts, yet a fellow happy mutant, I understand the rage here.

I’m angry these guys didn’t do the right thing in the first place, and I’m really angry people died before the issue was addressed. Its inexcusable. Risking lives to save a buck is a bullshit attitude for any company.

From my understanding though, there is no reason that these planes cannot be fixed, made safe, and made to fly without issue. Practically put, there are too many of these already in existence for them to outright scrap the entire plane.

I don’t think many people understand how many years it takes to design a plane from scratch and how much engineering actually goes into it. Everything I have personally read says that it was not a problem purely of faulty aerodynamics- the physical design of the plane is sound. The issue was implementation of a single sensor and training for that and the botching of that single sensor and how it feeds back to the cockpit and lack of training for that and poor design on the part of the people who implemented that is the primary reason for the crashes.

It absolutely should be possible to fix this issue which would make the plane safe.

I get it though- with many people, engineering is not the issue. People died. A lot of people. There is an enormous lack of trust right now with that company by the General Public and it’s understandable the rage here.

I can’t say what I make but I can say that I am being personally affected by the cease in the supply chain of parts and it has cost me a large sum of money a month until they fix this in cut hours. Loss of money though is nothing compared to the value of the lost lives, always, but these events have other repercussions as well.

If I ever thought that anything I helped make on my job was directly responsible for hurting anyone I would pack up my toolbox and find another employer. But I know that what I make is not part of the issue here.

For the record I do not work for Boeing. I am just directly affected by what is happening right now at the people I do work for, who shall remain unnamed and are wonderful employers.


It’s rather unfortunate that the management at Boeing decided to take shortcuts that resulted in planes crashing. It’s likely that the planes would be just fine if they took the time to fully verify the flight control systems and they required simulator training. However, they decided that short-term profits were more important than safe products.

I hope that you can recover from this fiasco. It sucks to be financially dependent on scoundrels.