How to tell if you're flying on a Boeing Max 737

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Are the safety features still sold separately as an upgrade?


And of course the pushed-forward engines are the thing that made the 737-MAX the world’s first self-hijacking airplane, in that they moved the center of gravity of the entire aircraft forward so it was no longer over the wings. Sure, Boeing could have redesigned the airplane (which still has bell-creank-and-cable operation of its control surfaces) to compete with Airbus, or even designed a whole new aircraft, but why not just rewrite some code? Shareholder value rules!


Article: look for some sort of markings of some kind near something somewhere. Also if the weight is different when you pick one up, it is probably either a 737MAX or some other type of aircraft or object.

Also article: if you can’t figure out what blood type is used in the rear fusillage’s coat-check ventilator (top left sidecage, at the bottom right), we suppose you could potentially detect a slight difference in the giant fucking serrations at the rear of the engines and the fact that the wings have wings at the end which split both upward and downward but who could possibly find that useful


I’ve made tooling for parts for these. Lack of orders was part of what got me laid off. Understandable, same thing happened to many- its common knowledge at this point.

So, what I see as a definitive identification here is knowing its a 737 and you see the pointed crown ring at the rear of the engines.

No way to see that until you’re in line to board perhaps.

The shady rebranding of this plane is expected but no less shady and cowardly on the part of Boeing. And I say that as someone who has made parts for them. At every turn every day it seems like there’s another American corporation willing to mislead the public when they screw up and never confront their mistakes.

I’ve made parts for Uber too- but I refuse to use Uber, only Lyft. Their toxic bro culture with misogyny baked in made that decision for me.

Yes, even machinists have value judgment behind the parts they make sometimes. Not all of us, but we’re people too.


is it in the air?


737 MAX: recently certified with FAA and other regulators crawling up Boeing’s butt.
All others: self certified

That’s simplified, but something to think about.


It would certainly be ironic if because of the increased regulatory oversight on the 737 MAX it were to become the most safe of the currently flying aircraft.


Can be updated or removed depending on whether this month’s cheque has cleared Boeing’s bank account.

(A bit like a Tesla - another reason why I’ll never buy one of those.)


If you wake to find yourself belted to a seat, suspended in a tree, and everyone around you is dead and/or on fire…

You just MIGHT have flown in a 737 MAX.

  • Jeff Foxworthy, probably

Remember when this was the most scandalous story of 2020?

Those were fun times.


Amazing how one disaster of an aircraft can change perception so quickly. Nowadays I’m more likely to hear “If it’s Boeing I’m not going” rather than the tired old “If it’s not Boeing I’m not going” I grew sick of hearing in the 90s.


But is it statistically more or less safe than flying, in general, during the pandemic?


If there is a large amount of screaming onboard, its more likely to be a Max.


Well if the ground is directly ahead and open space is behind you, and the flight crew are pulling back on the yokes as hard as they can, then its a max.


THis is not a 737 MAX

(Apples only for Farance and nearby countries)


How to tell: Is the sea coming rapidly up to meet you? Yes: You are on a Max8.


In my mind I’m ok with the 737 Max, they clearly identified the problem (eventually) so it’s possibly safer than any plane out there right now.

That said, once I start flying again I will be avoiding any 737s to make sure I don’t board a Max.

Why? Not because of crash odds – those are so low anyway it’s hardly a statistical blip regardless. It’s more important that I feel good and not be worried (rational or otherwise) in the weeks before the flight and during it. Why have tiny reptile-brained moments of “737 Max” dread if you don’t have to?


The scientific consensus seems to be that the superdry, constantly recirculating air on a jetliner makes it very hard to spread on an airplane, despite the close quarters. There’s been, like, 2 confirmed cases of covid spread on aircraft, compared to the zillions of cases apread at ground level.

It’s the airport “security” line I would be most worried about.


That is entirely possible. However there is a lot to be said for massive experience. The 737MAX might turn out to be safer than the 737NG (by at least some definition). But how significant is that? The 737NG has flown many millions of flights – crashes are so rare that making them less frequent doesn’t really reduce your risk. On the other hand there is a lot more room to be worse than the 737NG.

I still think it’s probably fine – as in probably safer than most other means of transportation. I’ll probably be willing to ride on a MAX at least when I am willing to fly anywhere again.

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