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100% breaks blog view, not that anyone’s actually bothered to fix it over the (months? years? I don’t even remember at this point)


fixed it


Simon Stålenhag’s Tales from the Loop

Weird that you recommend this one (which I loved) from 2014, when he has a new one out.


I only just got into it! I just snuck in a link to “from the Flood”


Thanks. Is there really no ‘proper’ fix that can be done? Something automatic in how the site’s set up to like, throw in a “read more” after the post has too much in it?


You know you’ve been hanging around BB too long when you can guess the reviewer by the book type.


For bonus points- which recommendations are real, and which are exaggerated parodies of that writer’s stereotypes.

A- Yes.


That’ll definitely be in order sooner or later.

But really we should be remembering our wordpress < !–more–> tags

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