Boing Boing's broken ad service

Dear Boing powers-that-be:

I know you guys rely on ad revenue to survive. I don’t use an ad blocker. But you need to know that BoingBoing is serving popup/redirect ads. When I navigate to the site (blog view), I’m there for 3-5 seconds before getting redirected to a scammy “CONGRATULATIONS VERIZON CUSTOMER!” site.

The increasing proliferation of other ads on every inch of BoingBoing’s screen real estate is ugly, unpleasant, and intrusive, but I understand the need to keep this site on a paying basis. Nevertheless, I feel certain that something has gone amiss with your ad service and that you don’t want to be kicking people off the site after 3-5 seconds, because then you don’t get that sweet sweet revenue from all the other ads.

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… Still happening, guys.

Happens a lot.

Ad blockers will save your sanity.

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