BoingBoing Mobile: A Terrible User Experience

Seriously, it’s just not worth visiting anymore:

If it’s not the randomly loading in ads, then it’s some media trying to play something on the page which then stops the music I’m listening to.

It just sucks guys.

I get that a bunch of these things need to be the way they are (ads). However, this is just going way past what’s passable.


Use for browsing, or just use the forums. I only ever visit the main page these days when the post here is missing content.


I guess that works, though it’s a wholly different experience than the otherwise well curated media and presentation. That’s the disappointing part.

Thanks for the tip however.

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There’s a main page? :exploding_head:

Whenever I do actually click through,I feel lost.


Did someone say BoingBoingMobile??


No, they don’t and it depresses me that we’ve got to this point with the wildly held belief that the net is unviable without the unsustainable ad model infesting everything. Cory goes into this in some detail here…

If you truly want a better mobile browsing experience then seriously think about using an ad blocker.

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Personally, I don’t mind ads.

However, there is balance that has to be kept with ads & formatting. I’m sure the type of ads displayed in the mobile sections are quite profitable but they really just make the website suck.

I use seems okay.

ads shouldn’t do that. Please email with whatever data you have (screenshot, url, whatever), and we’ll pass them on to our ad partner to deal with.

We don’t allow ads that take over the display or autoplay.


While we’re bitching, I’m annoyed that the mobile BBS app doesn’t show responses to posts as a thread the way the desktop view does. To see if someone’s already said what I want to say I have to switch to desktop view.

Brave browser FTW


I forgot about the Happy Mutant Mobile…
Did they install the espresso machine I asked for?

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