See. Dense… >_<

I guess I don’t see how this is making things clearer and stepping away from the concept of money, when it seems to me that you are putting things into the language of money that I’m not sure need to be put into that language.

No you are right.

If the traditonal centre really were to shift then it would have to be along the lines of the projects themselves retaining the value they have created and the debt that people carry, having ‘donated’ to the project, representing the value they have to other projects which court their attention.

Or something.

And yeah, there is no pressing need for the thing and it’s not designed to revolutionise caring or giving or value or anything, it’s just an interesting (to me) way of creating a subversive digital currency format that has groovy cybernetic qualities.

I guess maybe what me and some others are curious about is why you think it would add value to BB in general (edited to add), or what it could give us as an online community that we don’t already have in the current structure.

If it’s (edited to add: and the whole concept of digital currency in general) subversive, how would it prove to be so for the community here? Maybe you just need to lay things out a bit clearer for those of us who are maybe not on board with the whole concept of digital currency in the first place.

I’m not sure I totally get what is going on in this thread, but I would like to be the President of the Bank of Boingcoin just because it sounds so damn great!


This is very hard to follow.

You wish to create a project wherein the participants are paid in virtual currency, which derives value from computation done in the course of completing the project? Could you give an example of how this would work or, at the very least, how your implementation would avoid the pitfalls of other cryptocurrencies (e.g. they are not backed by actual human labor, but by unrelated computer labor)?

I don’t know what’s going on either, but dibs on the treasurer.

Since I don’t know what’s going on, it’s staggeringly unlikely I can ever embezzle. I can’t be any worse than those MBA guys in charge of Lehman Brothers.


I’m not advocating that, I’m just resigned to it as a given.

I’m really just free associating ideas and grabbing anything that seems interesting.

I’m not so sure that the participants are actually being paid in currency (in my scenario).

Perhaps the tokens from my scenario are instead a measure of the value of a donation, perhaps of time or skill, or maybe even other currencies.

Feel free to be confused, I’m just riffing.

In contrast with monetary calculation, calculation in kind would embody more accurate information about the value of a resource by dispensing with the exchange value inherent to all commodities in money-based economies so that only a resource’s use value would remain as the sole basis for economic accounting.

This is interesting:

also, among others:
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I’d also like to suggest that our coin motto be “In bananas we trust.”


Just to stop being snarky and participate, I feel like @miasm is just trying to start a conversation about the possibility of Boingcoin and a lot of the conversation is about trying to pin him or her down on the original “tossing it out there” post. I think miasm has more than explained that in several responses.

I understand that there isn’t really a clear idea being presented right now, but I gather the general idea is, hey, what about a Boingcoin? and maybe it could be tied to our community values of disruptive technology, anti-authoritarian/libertarianish stance, hipsterism/antihipsterism, etc.

I think it’s interesting - I’m, not really popping in on that part of the conversation that much because I don’t even know how to buy or spend a Bitcoin, much less the other coins out there (though I am partial to Nyancoin because Nyan cat), so don’t feel I can add any real thoughtful suggestions on the practicalities of it.


But why? I don’t think the future is written, if I may steal a line from that Joe Strummer movie. The more real world interactions we have, locally, the more we are crafting the alternative to the digital realm that seems to be coming to dominate.

I’m honestly not being snarky here. I do have questions about the whole digital currency thing, that doesn’t mean I’m not taking @miasm seriously.


These seem more interesitng ideas overall, especially the gift economy. The question might be of scale, though.

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I can get behind that.


Thanks for the boost @ChickieD.




You’re welcome. I’m not sure if a Boingcoin is needed, mainly because I know zero about digital currency, but I think it’s a fun idea. I’d rather have a Boingcoin than a Bitcoin because it’s obviously bigger (bigger than a bit), and bouncier.

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I can’t be any worse than those MBA guys in charge of Lehman Brothers.

Not reassuring me.

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Well that’s debatable… you believe in acausality?

Anyway, if you’re standing on a beach and you see the horizon rise, it’s a pretty safe bet there’s a tsunami coming. To me, the question isn’t ‘can we avoid a digital future’ but ‘how can we prevent the scumbags from continuing to disenfranchise us’, and engagement with the digital medium seems crucial here.

We need way more bottom-up elements in the mix.

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Me and @Brainspore already covered this. We give you likes, you send drugs. Now say something funny.

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