Bomb Run – 1950s-era war comics filled with intense ironic twists and surprise endings


Am I the only one trying to identify that Tobruk map in the background?

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No, you are not :smile:

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Do. Or do not. There is no try.
Map and Counters: SPI, EL ALAMEIN (1973)

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It’s from this 1973 wargame.

Which uses counters, not figurines. Besides, those army guys should be tan, not green, since they’re deployed in North African desert.

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The first one, with the comic book standing up, is El Al. You can tell that because it says as much on the map :slight_smile:

But the subsequent photos - with the comic book open and lying down - seem to be a different map from a different game. That map appears to stratch from somewhere near Hellfire (Halfaya) Pass, past Bardia, Tobruk and Benghazi, to around El Agheila at the base of the Gulf of Sidra … about 1,000km west of El Al.

I thought at first I was seeing this map

Which is from the game Afrika Korps, but on further examination, I think not.

Well, jungle-green (or similar) has been the go-to colour for US forces - both for figurines and cardboard counters - since forever. Tan is the go to colour for British forces. Since the figurines are US soldier the colour is correct (or, rather, “correct”). But, since they’re in Egypt, they should probably be British CW figurines, and therefore tan. Which is what you said :slight_smile:

Trainspotter, much? :smiley:

Yeah, the scale of the one you linked to is much bigger than the one under the comic.

(By the by, the Jedko Games version of the game in your post was the first wargame I ever owned, way back in the early '80s :slight_smile: )


I think the first wargame I ever played was Battle of the Bulge (Avalon Hill)

The first one I ever owned was Luftwaffe (also Avalon Hill) but it was way over my head at the time.

And so began my obsession with building models of odd British tanks!

And, no. My dioramas never looked so good.

Way to derail a thread…


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