DEA's D&D-themed patches


Based on that patch the Caribbean office must be high all the time.

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What is a square-ass pink?

I am guessing like a round assed pink but with four corners. (I have no idea)

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Church of the SubGenius term for mundanes.

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I’m kind of disappointed that there’s not one for the ABQ, maybe with an RV and a bucket of chicken.

Should that be FRPG?

Also, is it in bad taste to wear these and NASA patches together?

If I knew that, I’d probably know what an “FPRG” was, too.

fantasy rpg? Seems about right.

Looks like the White Wizard is cooking up another batch of his famous meth.

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Two letters are swapped in the post–right now it stands for “Fantasy Playing Role Game.”

When I was a kid living on an American army base in Frankfurt, West Germany (back when the “West” still mattered–this would have been around the late '80s), one of the stores on base had this gigantic rack of unit patches. I dunno if it was all the units stationed in Frankfurt, or all the units in Germany, or a random worldwide selection, or what. I don’t remember anything else about the store, or why it would sell those–normally you get your patches from the quartermaster or something, right?

In any case, lots of them had cool shit like castles and cannons and lit cherry bombs, and of course loads and loads of swords, but I found this super badass one with a crossed battleaxe and spiked mace. I have no idea what unit it was for, but I convinced Dad to buy it for me. I don’t remember what I did with it, either. Geez, the stuff that sticks with you…

194th Armored Brigade?

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Though, I was not replying to the post. I was replying to Boundgear, who got it right.

That’s the bunny! I was hoping someone would know.

Oooh, and they’re at Fort Knox now! That’s practically just over the hill. I’ve been meaning to get out there sometime and check out the tanks at the Patton Museum.

Man, what was that store? Maybe I’m misremembering, and it was a military-surplus store after we came home from Germany. That would make sense.

Of course, now that I’m a grown-up geek, all I can think is “why does the thrusting spike on the axe have those weird little spurs? That doesn’t make any sense.” :-/

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Pointy-hat wizards and unicorns are not particularly D&D-themed, are they? More like generic fantasy trope to me. /pedant

So… Lawful evil or neutral evil?

TSR’s original logo was a pointy-hat wizard, and there’ve been unicorns in every Monster Manual I’ve ever seen. The D&D “assumed setting” is pretty much made out of every generic fantasy trope mashed together.

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Indeed. My point is that the things in question fail to convince me as particularly D&D-theme as opposed to ‘drinking from the same very obvious well’.

Coincidentally, I’m reading the first game of thrones book and there’s sly nods to both unicorns and pointy-hatted wizards being hoary old fairytale clichés even inside their moderate-magic fantasy setting.

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