Wizard Dice: odd polygon random number generators for spellcasters


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Ooooh… this is so very, very tempting. The warrior set looks neat, too!


One of my friends pointed out that they kind of resemble butt plugs, and now I can’t unsee it.


Neat idea, but bad in execution.

My problem with these? Visibility. Dice are flying across the table. The DM looks over, and sees some indiscriminate shapes where the number is somewhere on the weird buttplug shaped blob, embossed in tiny curvy “fantasy” font, or matte black on matte black. Meanwhile, other players are rolling simple dice with large, clearly painted numbers on them. Is the player rolling the Wizard Dice cheating? Who knows?


I dunno, contrast looks good for some of the color combos, what I’d worry about is decent balance, but more than that, if it is easy to see which side is up. The D4 seems totally all right there, but the D8 or D10 idk about. As for the buttplug vibe, iono, I always thought I was the one to see something dirty where nobody else did. I guess for once I am the innocent and pure one!

If I got them, I think they’d be game table mascots more than anything, tho. They look so neat! :blush:

I watched a (somewhat longish) review of the warrior set that preceded them and got very much the same vibe, mascot / fun collectible, rather than dice you use nonstop/rely solely on. Still, that’s nice too, and they p much say as much in the kickstarter, don’t they?


Or maybe don’t play with people you feel you can’t trust?


Speaking of game pieces that look like butt plugs:

These are from a chess set


I put on my robe and wizard hat…


(whisper, creare viginti , whisper)
“20 again? What are the chances?”


A good dice tower is so much more interesting and distinctive than dice will ever be to me.


Every time you operate one of these weird black controls that are labeled in black on a black background, a little black light lights up black to let you know you’ve done it


It can be both…


They’re kinda small, tho… But hey, I guess fairies need buttplugs, too?


What Tinkerbelle does in the privacy of her home is no concern of mine.


Exactly. Whatever tinks 'er bell.


We could devolve into wondering if Tinkerbelle’s exclusion from the Disney “Princess” Line makes her more or less prone to using a “Princess Plug” (nsfw - that’s why I’m not linking)

But I’ll save that conversation for another day


I’m intrigued. I will remind you tomorrow.


Some fairies, anyway…


Surely you mean Tinker Bell™®©_The Walt Disney Company_


I plead my status of child-free for not being familiar enough.

I throw myself on the mercy of the Mouse