Database of military surplus equipment sold to US police forces


That green graph! What the hell is the x-axis on that green graph? Some states and… some other bars? Somebody should be banned from Excel.

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I’d like to see crime rate vs. militarization graphed out.

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Oh, just use one of those standard S-1798s and write in “pizza” where it says “machine gun.”

Thanks for the ID graphics, Cory. I don’t play anything outside of Ticket to Ride and Domino, these days, but holy mackerel was I ever into Doom & Quake.

Wow, am I behind the times to be freaked out a little by the funky interactive graph?

How can I make that stuff?

Using grenade launchers in the War on Drugs is just evil – everyone knows they’re needed for the War on Ebola!

Wait, they have DOOM’s BFGs too? I want one/1. :wink:

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