Database of military surplus equipment sold to US police forces




That green graph! What the hell is the x-axis on that green graph? Some states and… some other bars? Somebody should be banned from Excel.


I’d like to see crime rate vs. militarization graphed out.


Oh, just use one of those standard S-1798s and write in “pizza” where it says “machine gun.”


Thanks for the ID graphics, Cory. I don’t play anything outside of Ticket to Ride and Domino, these days, but holy mackerel was I ever into Doom & Quake.


Wow, am I behind the times to be freaked out a little by the funky interactive graph?

How can I make that stuff?


Using grenade launchers in the War on Drugs is just evil – everyone knows they’re needed for the War on Ebola!


Wait, they have DOOM’s BFGs too? I want one/1. :wink:


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