Here's all the stuff the Pentagon has sold to local law enforcement - cheap!




How much longer before that equipment trickles down to the civilian population?


Computer, digital qty:2 price:29,530

Must have been Macs?


166 bed sheets to AL police.



Most of this gear has already been on one Mission from Gahd


I wonder at what point the Pentagon ran out of surplus to get rid of, and started ordering new stuff just so they could 1033 it, like a kind of SWAT wholesaler sending out violence to local distributors, who make it available to all of us.


But why did the Lewisburg police want their HMMWV to look like a promotional vehicle for an energy drink? Did it come with a t-shirt cannon too?


How much of this stuff is getting taken home by the people who ordered it? I mean where in GA does a cop need 40 “MITTEN SET, EXTREME”? Out of-state hunting trip? Also, I didn’t realize cops needed so many expensive powertools. Like 25 pneumatic impact wrenches, in consecutive lots of 5.


That I can actually understand. Georgia tends to get ice storms every few years and the residents (including the cops) don’t deal well with cold. They’re also less likely to have cold weather gear than cops in colder areas. Cops in Minnesota would already have appropriate clothing since they need it for months every year. Police departments in more southern states would likely find it tougher to justify buying a bunch of winter gear if it’s only going to be used for 2 days every 3 years.


They got it second hand from Team America World Police.



  1. Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)
  2. US domestic police departments
  3. Israel
  4. Iraq
  5. US military


Oh… I thought the “EXTREME” part referred to… ahem… something else…


Why does the Discovery Channel not have an EXTREME MITTENS show yet?




What does any Police Force need with camo?


John Oliver’s take on the militarization of police:


This is a brilliant piece! Withering satire, combined with his signature style of humor.

I wish I had the power to force every cop in the US to watch every minute of it.

Toward the end, when he’s discussing Gov. Nixon’s tone in declaring the curfew, he proposes an interesting deal.

Paraphrased: [quote]Hey, police departments of America. We’re going to take away all your army toys. If you all can go a whole month without killing another unarmed black man, we’ll let you have them back.[/quote]

I doubt they’re up to it.

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