New Pentagon IG report finds that police don't need all those hand-me-downs of military hardware

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Yeah, and water is wet, another fact that no human with the ability to think critically is surprised by.


When was the last time anyone needed an armored troop carrier in the US?


I am non-ironically shocked that the Pentagon released this report.


We were better off when our cops looked like this:


Well, almost everything…


Back where I used to live, the police department was selling military rifles out the back door. It only came to light when one of the yahoos they’d sold one to accidentally discharged it and the shot went through several neighboring apartments. They did an inventory and couldn’t find most of the guns. I don’t know if they ever found all of them.


That makes my little auditor heart happy.


Not surprised. I wonder how much of the smaller stuff ended up on eBay. Or maybe even the bigger stuff too. “Buyer must pick up in person. Wear fatigues.”

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wait wait wait… 30 M16s for 16 officers? Who is the guy who didn’t want to double wield m16s?


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Yeah…the 80s probably needed to sell the A-Team van to cover sliding free passes on police not having legit business with old mil. gear. [Looks guilty.] Feels guilty! Were we out-arming the public armistice museums? Damn.


But, but…Might means Right!

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I’m thinking wednesday. But then it wouldn’t have been used because not enough of the fine patriots there were melanin enriched enough.

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Life has taught me that some people need to put their hand in the fire to find out that it is hot.


They still managed to beat up and kill civil rights protestors back then and to enforce segregation.


That’s an 18-person police department for a town of 5,000 people that got all that stuff just because it could and then just let it all fall into disarray.

Over here, a town of 5000 people would be lucky to have a patrol car cruise around once every couple of days or so!
My home town used to have a big police station, with civilian support staff, cells, etc - now they share space with staff in the town council building, and that’s a town with a population of well over 40,000, roughly the same as the city of Salisbury, home of the famous cathedral!

Oh, and that photo at the top of the article, it reminds me of something, trying to put my finger on it…

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That police force may have been kinder and less likely to murder, but its problematic lack of diversity means it’s unacceptable in modern times.

ETA: It’s --> its. Ugh.

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