Bombshell report claims Trump paid to watch hookers piss on bed where Obama slept


I'm sure Trump voters would have urinated on Obama's bed too. I mean, he is the antichrist.


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Man just when you think the shitshow circus can't get any crazier it doubles down yet again. Well good luck with that Donald.


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Let's just take a moment to remember that the last time Trump called news against him a "Witch Hunt", he ended up settling out of court for $25 million...


But he has proof! He retweeted this!


There's no evidence here of a direct quid-pro-quo that would indicate "high crimes" on the part of #nextpresident himself. The closest he got as far as the report is concerned was hiring advisors like Manafort and Page (perhaps based on the "friendly suggestions" of Russian oligarchs who lent him money) who have spent years taking Putin's ruble. Combined with the salacious allegations from the dossier, though, this the strongest example yet that he's not fit for the White House.

This is just the start -- it's not like this bombshell was dropped on a Friday at 5PM. Now we'll get to see him spend at least a week trying to slime his way out of releasing his IRS returns to prove he took no Russian loans.

Cohen makes Nathan Thurm look like Atticus Finch. "It's so funny that you think I was in Prague."

Or leak...


BREAKING NEWS: President Trump plans to lead crowd at inauguration with a chant of "WE'RE NUMBER ONE!"

"Mr. President! Mr. President! There's a . . ."

"Shhhh . . . shhhh . . . this is my song . . ."


A useful idiot, not even smart enough to collude.
Thinks he is being helped, but is in fact being played.
Vlad seriously won this round.



Lol, You all want to believe so bad you accept fake stories about Trump. This was made up on 4Chan.


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Ben Smith (of Buzzfeed) sez:

there is serious reason to doubt the allegations.

Then why publish it? There's a reason many journalists have heard of this but refused to write a story on this. It is unverified. If these allegations turn out to be wrong, that will have serious repercussions, giving fodder to the Froggy Trolls to scream "Fake News!" and all credibility will be lost.



It's 2017, anonymous sources are currently 'more credible'.


For those of us normies that can't decipher 4chan threads can you explain, oh great and knowledgeable one?


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There's this:

Why not just do your job and only publish when there is no "serious reason to doubt the allegations".


I did here