Bondic is the glue of the future, a liquid plastic that hardens when you zap it

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Never dries out. That could only be written by someone very young. When you live long enough everything dries out and cracks.


Not bad, but not the one glue to rule then all, either.

I’ve used it a couple of times, so far two points:
a) Don’t use it in places where you can’t properly shine the UV light. I had the odd D’oh moment when I let it seep into tight spots where something epoxy-based would have just sat and hardened after a while. “Okay, the glue is in place, now just use the UV thingy and - dammit!”
b) It does dry out, eventually. Haven’t tried to store it in the fridge or freezer yet, though.

Works quite well when used as intended, otherwise not so well, so what else is new.


Bought this a couple years ago. Like someone else said, it’s useless if you are bonding surfaces that are not transparent. Put it aside in its special little padded aluminum case until I finally had something it might work on last month. Opened the case and … the tube had leaked. Tossed it.

Is this the same type of stuff dentists have been using for a few years? Because I think my tooth was fixed today using UV-light hardened plastic.


But that’s everywhere!

Tip points same way as the UV LED

Um… tip of what? The completely separate syringe of glue?

Gee. Somebody caught on to what dentists have been doing for years. Actually, UV-catalyzed have been around a lot longer than that. BTW, Amazon sells a really great high-powered UV flashlight that will do the job faster and in greater depth.

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I have an older neighbor who’s dog’s name is “Bandit”, but she pronounces it “Bandick”

That poor bicycle. What are you doing to it?

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We have some and have used it twice. First try was immediate failure, though getting light to the joint may have been the challenge. Second use was just declared a failure this morning, and that was the transparent plastic of a hummingbird feeder, which I very much assure you received sufficient UV.

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Similar but the dentists stuff works usually well in my experience, Bondic doesn’t

Having similar experience. It hardens well if it gets enough UV, but hardly sticks to something

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