Forget glue: This quick-bonding plastic seals in seconds

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(Or just look for generic polycaprolactone.)


I can’t bring myself to call this stuff glue, since glue is derived from collagen from boiling animal hides and bones. But it is a regular ol’ adhesive. It’s just UV cure adhesive, which is great stuff. But you can only use it where you can shine light. We use it all the time at work.

If you want true, non-adhesive welding, that’s either heat or solvent bonding. There’s explosive welding too, but only for the truly brave/insane.


Nor should you. After all, the official Bondic company website is (-:

(Which I recommend, BTW, to anyone who buys this, as the website is quite specific about the ways in which it’s “not a glue” and how application is somewhat different than with glues.)

It’s a good product, and this is a good price for it. I’m almost shocked to see that in the BoingBoing Store. (-:

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“Welding” is puffery. Welding is fusing material together, such as friction welding of plastic or solvent welding of plastic. UV cured resin bonding to other substances is not welding. When was the last time your dentist told you she was “welding” a UV cured plastic filing in place? Was it, perhaps, never?

This is a kickstarter from 2018, and it may well be an awesome product as it can do fills as well as bond. Plus, it doesn’t go bad when opened since it only responds to UV curing, not air. In contrast to, say, Sugru, which I love, but goes bad even when you don’t open it :frowning:


Seems cheaper on Amazon for $11.93 instead of $13.49 on Stack Social/BB Store.

Both seem to have the light, the applicator, 4g of resin and a metal case. And no worries about BB not getting paid if you buy through Amazon instead of Stack Social. BB will still get a cut because all user posted Amazon links on the BBS are auto converted to Amazon affiliate links with BB’s code.

That Amazon deal is for the starter kit with one 4g tube of resin. The BBStore set is the “starter kit with bonus refill” – the single 4g-tube starter kit PLUS another spare tube.

The starter kit with bonus refill goes for $19.66 on Amazon, and refill tubes seem to cost at least $5-6 ea, even in bulk (sometimes more, depending on vendor).

So this is a good price for this set (The $1.99 shipping on BBStore vs. Free Prime Shipping on Amazon reduces that margin a bit, but BBStore is still a bit cheaper.)

Thanks. I see that in the headline, but it isn’t in the actual product description on StackSocial:


Handheld applicator
LED UV light
4g tube of liquid adhesive
Handy metal case

If StackSocial is so sloppy as to mismatch the headline and product description they may also be sloppy about fulfillment.

So if I tell you to “stick it where the sun don’t shine”, that’s a deal-breaker?

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