Bong Joon Ho and Ensemble Staging

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Every episode a classic.


I feel that “Every Frame A Painting” is well worth revisiting from time to time; if only for the calming effect of the pacing and narration. Lovely stuff.

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What happened to Every Frame a Painting? They haven’t put out a video in years.


Unfortunately, EFAP ended their run at the end of 2017, and we have all been poorer ever since.

After digging through the web, I was able to find that Tony Zhou and Taylor Ramos did some essays for The Criterion Channel and other movies, but I was also able to find that the Netflix series VOIR has 3 episodes made by them:

  • EP 2. “Ethics of Revenge”
  • EP 4. “The Duality of Appeal”
  • EP 5. “Film vs Television”

Time for me to finally get some use out of that Netflix subscription…


Thank you for the heads-up.

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