Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Pre-Public Enemy part 2


The 9th frame was a treat! BTW, love the series - never miss it.

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That last frame makes this feel like the set up for a sitcom: “Leave It To Flava”


I wonder if that was a mistake? Like they forgot to filter it? Kind of makes me wish they’d do the whole thing that way.

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So great to get some of the story of Public Enemy. That’s been the least filled-out part of the history for me & my white ass…

Loved seeing them on Soul Train. : ) Don Cornelius had no idea what to do with 'em.


Here’s Chuck D talking about Don Cornelius and Soul Train, actually. Very cool.

Hip Hop Family Tree was one of the findings this weekend at Free Comic Book Day.

Ed’s style changes to match the reigning comic book art of the day. Since that panel happened about 10 years later, he’s emulating early 90s comic art.


Ah! OK, than. Thanks for the info. Clever! I’m still a little on the fence about the faux-finish on the rest of the book. Overall, though, I really love this series.

I’m a fan of it. He even deregisters panels [separates out the red, green, and blue layers] like you might get in a hastily printed newspaper, but he does it to indicate loud volume. It’s really clever.

“That was scary!”

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I hope that 9th frame does not make its way into the print edition as is. I understand that its supposed to represent a different era’s visual style but as is it really broke the visual flow of the page.

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