Bonnie Bramlett sings "Superstar" to Leon Russell just months before he died

Originally published at: Bonnie Bramlett sings "Superstar" to Leon Russell just months before he died | Boing Boing

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Saw Leon / Toots and the Maytals on the Russian River back in the 70’s for $2.00 bucks, and that beautiful song by Bonnie made my eyes sweat.


Bonnie Bramlett is one of those names where everyone in the music industry knew who she is but to the general public isn’t a household word

Like, her name pops up all the time in association to a wide variety of other musicians across several decades


Putting Karen Carpenter up next to the lady is kinda challenging and not terribly respectful, I’da said. I mean let her have her moment of respect without going, but this is what it could have sounded like.

Wehn reading the title, I thought this was about cause and effect :expressionless:

It would reward one to look up the Rita Coolidge angle on the song - both in authorship and performance.

I saw Leon Russell in Kansas City back in the early 70’s myself, and I had that Delaney and Bonnie record that everyone had back in the day. Leon Russell was a powerful performer, eh? All of them kind of lived some hard years after cocaine became the drug of choice.

Delaney and Bonnie had a daughter, Bekka, who sang with Fleetwood Mac back in the 90’s and has gone on to have a pretty successful career herself. Bekka Bramlett - Wikipedia


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