Bonsai chickens


…for certain definitions of “thrive”…


It is much easier to get them out of the bottle if you use boneless chicken…


I saw this movie already, with a young John Travolta as the chicken.


I should have tried this with my kids. Too late now – they wouldn’t fit through the neck…

1930’s newspaper stories call for the utmost credulity, and no embarrassing questions about the volume of chicken shit.



It would be quite tedious; but adding a couple of inches of water, swirling vigorously, pouring, and repeating until you deem the results acceptable would probably work.

It would not, however, be something you’d want the press watching, as the terrified and shit-slurry coated chicken being repeatedly swirled and inverted could be other than flattering.

Whether it actually happened or not, I don’t know; but a bit of applied cruelty seems adequate to pull it off.

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Or a bottle with a spigot at the bottom.

Which one was that?

That would be the more sensible approach(though drilling glass a bit of nuisance). Hard to tell from the pictures if there is any hole in either bottle. None visible; but easily room enough for one to be concealed.

No need, just buy a Wham Industries Hygenic Vacuum Extractor! Ideal for cleaning bottled chickens, or home dentistry!

(Limited time offer: now includes fine nozzle for cleaning poussin retorts absolutely free!)

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It was called “The Pullet In The Plastic Bubble.”

I can’t seem to find anything online?

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