How to fluff chicken butts. Fluffin' those butts. Fluff fluff


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Chickens get mice?


If you’re not careful, they mite.


Please God give that man a raise!


He’s got a PHD in Chicken’ology?


Great video!

With apologies to Mason Williams…

How ‘bout them butt fluffers, ain’t they nuts?
Goin’ ‘round everywhere, fluffin’ they butts.
Fluffin’ them chicken butts, fluffin’ they own,
Down on their knee pads, fluffing at home.
Fluffin’ for mites and fluffin’ for lice,
Wonder if the chickens think it’s nice?
How to be a butt fluffer, get yourself a glove,
Get yourself a chicken, one you can love.
Get some permethrin, don’t need much
Sprinkle on the chicken and fluff those butts.

He wrote a whole slew of “Them Poems”, from Moose Goosers to Tummie Gummers…


Wow, apart from the “Oh hi, didn’t see you there” schtick - that is the best use of a selfie stick I’ve ever seen. A new phase in cinematography is upon us.


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