Poultry shaming: Cultural Revolution confessions for chickens and roosters




Meanwhile, somewhere on a poultry-focused bulletin board, pictures are being posted of humans who have backyard chickens with signs around their neck: "I don't clean the hen house very often" "I buy the cheapest possible food" and "I don't let the chickens out enough."


'I never cross the road.'


I told everybody that the sky is falling.


Dogs don't eat their own poop. It is the one thing they will not eat. They might eat another dog's poop, but not their own.


Would you tell my dog that? Please?


'I chase cock all day long.'


I came first.


I love it. This one is mine, though she is a different breed: Complaining Loudly


Spoiler Alert: Roosters crow all the time. All day long and all night long. They're good for two things: fertilizing eggs and Coq au Vin.


'I let dinosaur-gait researchers stick a toilet plunger on my butt'.


Lookit me, I'm a highly evolved dinosaur who's survived extinction by being dumb and tasty. You hoomans are also a funny lot, shaming me when you're just trying to fatten me up to eat anyway.


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