Chickens kill fox


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Chickens kill fox

The red squirrel has a broken leg

At midnight the bird sings

Jean has a long mustache

Molasses tomorrow will bring forth cognac

And so on…


I have a book I read in the last decade to a child called The hungry fox which definitely has the chicken eat the fox. Though it wasn’t a gang murder of one trapped in a coop.

Years ago in the centre of Dublin you used to hear cocks crowing early in the morning when you were out and about as breeding groups of chickens had escaped a farmers protest and set up in Stephen’s Green in the city centre. I was talking to a park keeper about it a few years later and he was saying they were dying out. I asked him was it the dogs and cats and he said, no way, they live in the bushes and can fight off cats and dogs easily. It was people killing them for food. Apparently they have to restock the ponds with ducks regularly for that reason too. Mind you ducks: those idiots could not look after themselves…


In regards to the pic. Love the black chicken breeds, there’s a couple of them and they’re really neat :slight_smile:




Deep in the heart of every chicken is the memory of when they were dinosaurs and ruled the earth…


I think that fox really cocked things up


I’ve got a friend who, every time he asks after our chickens, makes a point to refer to them as “theropod dinosaurs”.


This is why I don’t trust birds.


“Flock” instinct might have sat more gently in the ear.


How many did the fox take down? 3000 is just too many to fight off.


I know how the fox feels.



Les sanglots longs
Des violons
De l’automne
Blessent mon cœur
D’une langueur


Unsurprising. Anyone who raises chickens knows they’re vicious fuckers. You have to be vigilant that they won’t kill each other at the first sign of weakness.
They’ll go after people, too. My uncle has scars from when, as a kid, a rooster attacked him, going for his head.


I think it’s the name of an indie band.


My friend Susi used to have rabbits (raised for meat) in an outdoor hutch. One of the rabbits had just had a litter, and somehow a rat got into the hutch, probably trying to eat the babies. The adult rabbits killed and ate everything but the tail, head, and paws. Carnivorous rabbits! That story freaks me out every time.


Quite a coup!


I remember a children’s book, from the mists of a British childhood, where this was the plot. What was it?

It was Jurassic park.


The other day I saw a video of a tit eating a (small) bat.