Chickens kill fox



I wonder if the scene when it came through the door was anything like this…




Thanks for this! Now I know what to say if my vegan friends comment about my breakfast food choices. :chicken:





I imagine hearing that at 3am while camping would be very Blair Witch.


“It was self defense!”


There was some PETA-associated propaganda campaign about how chickens were loving creatures who took care of each other, and all I could do was laugh in response. I raise a few chickens for eggs and the biggest threat to their safety is each other.


Sounds like humans.


Their many-greats grandparents T. rex and co. look on approvingly. “Damn mammals always were a pest.”


No meatless Mondays for these chicks, it’s foxy Friday on the menu.




The scars on the backs of my legs eventually faded. My desire to never see another bantam rooster has not.

Spoken like someone who has never actually owned ducks.


Swans. Beautiful spawns of Satan. Adults have been beaten nigh unto death by these highly evolved therapods.


The chair is against the wall.


I have heard of some chickens and roosters be relatively cool towards people, however if i ever had any i’d treat them and any other domesticated farm animal with a healthy dose of respect.

And for sure i would not want to be near any rooster. Def don’t want a talon to the face.





Roger That!