A chicken scolds a hen who doesn't know where her egg is supposed to go in this funny video

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Wow, I guess that hen could use a few lessons from Daffy Duck:laughing:


I don’t want to anthropomorphize but… It does feel like I’ve reached a point in my journey where I’ve dropped enough of my own cognitive filters and biases, that I increasingly see how incredibly intelligent animals can be, or conversely, how much like an animal I can be (edit) yes, I know I’m an animal, but sometimes I forget that.

Maybe when I was still eating them, I couldn’t acknowledge this to some extent.


That was likely the resident rooster, from the hen’s body language and their overall interaction.


Funny? Or sad?


I’ve been hen-pecked by management before, but this is a new level :rofl:


This is definitely a hen on hen interaction. A rooster would have pointier neck feathers.

Hens/pullets can be really mean to each other if rank permits.

I have a chicken on box rest right now and the subordinate hen is very sweet to her, making sure she gets the lion’s share of treats and chasing away any intruders. The sick chicken is apparently the top dog.

The very se sweet and doting pullet is also a complete a-hole to the off heat chicks. She purposefully drags treats over to the enclosure and eats them in view. Any chick that flies out of the fenced in area is going to get pecked and chased without mercy.

A good rooster, on the other hand, has to be sweet to all the hens if he wants to get laid. Or at the very least have some sweet dance moves. Feather pulling and pecking don’t get you very far.


“I have rank here and I’m gonna pullet.”


Who better to mansplain egg laying?

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Yeah, um… The 2nd chicken (rooster or no) was correct, you know.

You’re gonna have to wring that one a bit harder, to make it work ^^’ .

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