Book release party in LA for Liartown book

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Those look like some pretty Wonderful Things.

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Wish I could be there. I consider myself a resident of Liartown.


"Ann Coulter’s Handy Guide to Competitive Speed Fisting"

I’m … I’m not sure how I feel about that … conflicted? … curious? … disgusted? …

How much is it?

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Can I get this as an audiobook?

It’s an apparatus that helps you line up your approach

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“So how else have you fucked me on this deal?”

“Oh god, I knew you’d be like this. This is why I didn’t even want to mention it. Because of what you’re doing, right now.”

“Will there be pages?”

“Oh, so many pages! Countless pages, 248 of them, one after another, in order, from start to finish. What’s more, each page will be trimmed to the same exacting specifications as its neighbor. That means a page at the front of the book is going to match the size of a page at the back of the book. Don’t believe it? Pre-order the book and then apologize to me when it arrives and teaches you a lesson in humility.”



I hear a representative from Apple Cabin Foods will be there! Free Peach Travis and Chicken Whispers for the first 30 guests! Barbara Kruger will also be there with a powerpoint regarding meat. (sigh) I wish I could be there!

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