Liartown: forthcoming book from master image manipulator Sean Tejaratchi


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Yes that is goodness.
This is a book to leave out on the coffee table and judge your friends by how they react to it.


Yay! Bowing to my God of Yarn and Sticks sure paid off!


Liartown is great. I just read all the Apple Cabin ads with my kids. They loved it.


I cannot have this book in my house. Liartown is such a deranged vortex of Gen X cultural deconstruction that I literally lose my shit when I look at this stuff. I spend hours on that site every time I go there, compulsively re-reading everything and do not feel entirely well when I manage to quit. There is a level of funny that is not healthy. Stay away from Liartown if you value your sanity… it just isnt worth it.



Ummmm… what happened to “No NSFW stuff on the front page?”


Anne Geddes should definitely put out a book exactly like the one pictured.


MAD magazine, Wacky Packs, and Liartown. My holy trinity.


This might explain why he hasn’t had any new posts on his tumblr page in a couple months.


OMG, I agree 100%. I literally hurt from laughing, and sometime have to stop so that I don’t feel like I will die.


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