Liartown: the First Four Years, a tour-de-force of killer shooping and acerbic wit


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Sean Tejaratchi’s amazing Liartown, USA (previously) is a bottomless well of astoundingly good photoshops from a parallel universe of bitter, ha-ha-only-serious sight gags, minutely detailed, lovingly crafted and often NSFW; Tejaratchi’s new 248-page color, 8.5"x11" anthology, LiarTown: The First Four Years 2013-2017 is a powerful dose of creepypasta in its purest form.


Perfect, as always!

(Isometrick… hee hee)


Detention Whiskey

You betcha!


Kind of reminds me of Bruce McCall’s stuff

Thanks for the introduction!


Another work in a similar vein: The Carbon Based Mistake


I dunno… seems all pretty straightforward to me.


I still think that this is the true “tour de force of killer shooping”:


Spending, as I do, many an hour trawling Kindle Unlimited for things that are vaguely readable, that last one looks horrifyingly like a thing that could actually be written for the Prepper/EMP genre.


He’s so great. It’s a shame he wasn’t able to get the domain name for his previous project, Crap Hound.



post some funny covers


Indeed. It’s a lovely word, one I learned from the movie “Local Hero,” and which I used as the title for the first short story I ever sold to a professional market, just as I was putting together my first website.

Sean’s got a standing offer from me to have a subdomain, email forwarding, etc., which is the least I could do, given that we were both inspired by the same vivid Scottish epithet.


Oh, dear god, the things I have seen…


That “Touch-Me-Nots” pamphlet cover has been rattling around in the back of my brain since he first posted it a couple years ago. As good as his shooping abilities are, I don’t think he created that photo from scratch, which means that weird-as-f#&k outfit actually exists.

And I want it.


Apple Cabin FTW! I wish they put out a 2018 calendar; I would love to put it up in my office just for the WTF looks I’d get from staff. “If U need 2 ask ask” Well, I’m asking.


I went to a used book store while visiting family last week. It had a basket of those 70s-vintage craft books that Liartown frequently mocks. Instead of being depressed, I snortled.


His photoshopping is excellent, but what makes it all work is his encyclopedic knowledge of a zillion different design styles. Everything looks like it’s from an earth that isn’t quite real.


That Rattt Kinggg poster is brilliant. It looks exactly like an 80s hair metal band but plays off of the slightly obscure fact that a Rat King is a whole bunch of rats that have gotten their tails tangled together.


I laughed pretty hard at that one, and I’m sure I’ve seen it before on the site more than once.


Well there’s always


dude holy shit