Bored Karen harasses woman in park for walking a pig on a leash: "It's huge!"

Too bad it wasn’t an attack pig.


First off, ANY animal kept as a pet (or working animal) is “domesticated”; that’s literally what the word means. It does not mean “long history of domestication”. Whether or not an animal domesticates well is a completely different story, of course.

Second, your claim of stress to the animal, past any direct effects of recovery from surgery, are your assumption. Yes, really; unlike declawing cats, you won’t be able to support that assertion with any reasonable backup.

I’ve met several (de-scented) pet skunks, and frankly, you’re full of poo. Each one was happy, well-adjusted, and quite fond of their person/people, as well as rather social, overall. Like most domesticated animals, they also live far longer as pets than in the wild, and they aren’t even remotely rare or endangered, as a species.

Before you argue otherwise, perhaps you should consider the shelters, breeders, and other organizations that bring skunks to people as pets, just as for any other pet. You won’t find the same for raccoons, as an easy example. There’s a quite long history, both in this country and worldwide, of keeping skunks as pets, although not all countries (such as Britain) allow de-scenting them.

Mason Verger would have approved.


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Gotta gear-up first


As long as the geese stay in Canada where they belong, they are just fine. Of course, the poster did not mention which side of the falls they were on.

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Goat Island is on the US side.

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I would too. I did once see someone walking their tortoise on a leash in a park. They were super awesome in letting me pat it.

Also, as of this comment, I realised I did not know how to spell tortoise and had to look up the spelling.


I wish to meet Bon-chan when I can get back to Tokyo again:



Yeah, no that’s gross.

“Yeah, we named our pet after what people call its butchered corpse! It’s a thing that happens to millions of animals just like them! Isn’t it cute!”