Giant poop snake delights Russian villagers


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Sure, they like it now, but in the spring when it thaws they’ll all agree: this art stinks.


Bullshit doesn’t stink. Only creatures that eat meat make stinky poo.


That’s just the feminine version of the last name, nothing unusual about that. Apparently, Narya is the sculptor’s daughter.



Learn something new everyday!


meanwhile, I’m dealing with my small fluorescent poop gadgets:


Please tell me you’re not serious.


Hm? “Doesn’t stink” might be overstating it, but the smell of cow dung is nowhere near as repulsive as human shit. I’d prefer to spend time next to a 9-foot tall sculpture of the former rather than a regular sized pile of the latter any day of the year.


  1. Yes, this is a real product.
  2. I can’t believe it isn’t available at the Boing Boing Shop.


Have you ever been within a mile of a pig farm? I’ll take bullshit, thanks!


someone has obviously never been within 500 miles of the Harris Ranch


The one for the Year of the Monkey (I’m guessing done for 2016) is the most impressive pile of shit I’ve ever seen!



If you thought that was amazing, it also came out that the snake had a corporate sponsor


So here’s the thing, the fecal and flatulent odors to which humans tend to exhibit the strongest evolved behavioral aversion are sulfur compounds, specifically dimethyl disulfidem, dimethyl sulfide and hydrogen sulfide (which further reacts with methanol, itself a alcohol derived from methane, to produce methanethiol). A diet high in animal products and/or cruciferous vegetables (such as broccoli) contains more sulfur than the body can absorb for use, so it gets processed by gut bacteria into those foul compounds. Similarly, a diet high in lactose-rich foods (butter, milk, cheese, ect…) gets partially fermented yielding a more rotten odor.

The upshot is that herbivores produce stools that contain less of the chemicals we’ve evolved to avoid. I think most people would agree that if fertilizer smelled as bad a human feces, landscaping would be less popular.
Though technically human poop can be used as fertilizer and some people do so in a effort to reduce their ecological footprint. I personally am not quite that committed to going green. :slightly_frowning_face:


My home used to be within a mile of one, despite living in a city :nauseated_face:


Saw this ad (with UK voice-over) a few weeks ago.

What the AF? The worst thing about the UK ad was the suggestion to give this product as a Christmas present… “Merry Christmas, you stink!”

The human race is doomed…


From my experience of British television adverts, it was meant as a joke.


That’s the thing - this one seemed a bit too earnest! Possibly the most cringeworthy ad I’ve seen here in a long time.

Don’t forget - the link I pasted was the original US ad, dubbed with an English accent. UK one was not the same ad in its entirety (no burrito reference) but the actress at the end lining up the sprays as ‘gifts’ for her agent etc was the same - so presumably still the American ad, just dubbed.


ya know San Jose, CA has a REAL statue - that looks like a poop?