Mother$&#!ing snake in the mother$&#!ing toilet. Again

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What has that guy been eating??


I think the snakes are confused. They definitely aren’t going to find any edible rats down there.


Something is either seriously wrong with the plumbing, or seriously wrong with the tenant’s diet.

Also, obligs:


Or, I have removed this snake from this toilet six times…


Huh… when I was little I freaked myself out about the idea of snakes in toilets without ever having actually encountered a story about that happening.

I got over that fear, but maybe I should reneuroticize myself?

Maybe someone at this house keeps clogging the toilet, and completely misunderstands the concept of using a snake to clean it out?


I am old enough to remember the out house on my uncle’s farm. Sure, there was a toilet in the house, but for some reason (well water, perhaps) water was treated as very scarce and the toilet was not to be flushed except once before bed. So if you needed to do #2, you went to the out house, which was horrifying enough all by itself, but infinitely more so after I got the answer to the question of why is there a long stick in there? It was the snake detector.


What about gerbils?


If they are coming in through the pipes then time to check the vents on the plumbing and main stack and install a check valve/multi-flap.

Otherwise they are getting in through the walls/floor/ceiling/window and just chilling in the toilet.

Either way NOPE. I love snakes, but not toilet snakes.


Definitely not any edible rodents of any kind doen there.

I quite like snakes. Had a couple as pets, bless their departed souls.

Doesn’t surprise me it was NC. It just surprises me it wasn’t poisonous. There was a couple times I had to poke at a copperhead to get them off the bike path for people coming through. Granted, even for a constrictor like that, it is very shocking to be bitten, if weirdly almost painless and weirdly super bloody (mouth full of tiny needles).

Yes I have pics of all this, even the bloody snakebites. I mean, if anyone wanted to see. Not that you would. Um.



And i thought i was a good neighbour but there’s no way i’d put my hand down someone elses toilet.

Also is it weird that all i could think about was the filthy toilet water dripping on the carpet and through the house?

I need help…

I was thinking the same thing about the toilet water, but narrated by my mother.

“When I arrived, only the tail of the snake was visible,”
Couldn’t you just flush the toilet? There would be plenty of rats in the sewer system.

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