Edible Anus


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Your Anus in Chocolate

Oh myyyy…


You, too, can eat your chocolate just like a scavenger!


As long as it’s not the cheap shi stuff. Last thing you’d want is an Anus Horribilis.


#Edible Anus


@Melizmatic, without question you are the undisputed champion of timely, dead-on reaction gifs. Just had to say that.

Because… well, what do you say about Edible Anuses? :wink:


Red sauce, easy on the onions mate?
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Grazie, but I do think that @Mindysan33, @crenquis & a few others here give me a damn good run for my money.




I just hope that chocolate isn’t tainted.



You’re welcome.


“You can put your chopsticks in them” https://youtu.be/elQGa97sNFM


#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")

So it’s not an image of the Hittite god Anus? I’m disappointed.


All anuses are edible… If you’re brave enough.


The pedant in me wants to argue points about mastication and digestion being inherent in how ‘edible’ something is, but the cynical smartass in me is like:


Heh heh… they made a sex joke!

For people who’ve experimented with rimming, this candy might serve as an inside joke, an intimate reminder of a different gift exchange. And for everyone else, it’s just a “yuk! Gross!” reaction that only reinforces the idea that if it freaks you out, then you never expect you’ll ever want to try it.

Myself, I wish they’d gone a little farther with the flavors, maybe mint chocolate or orange chocolate.


If you’ve eaten a Slim Jim (or other cheap sausage) you’ve eaten anuses.


I almost went for it

But I opted for the stuffed blobfish instead

My daughter calls her “Shud”

After this mermaid…