Bored white lady from California becomes first bored white lady Masai warrior

Right, and I’m more interested in similarities, especially funny and paradoxical ones, between the scholar and the gobshite: and you seem much more interested in their dissimilarities (and in constructing values based on these). Which is cool, bro. But your getting angry and verbose about it does not make the shoop insulting . . . aside from its lack of technical polish, that is. For that alone I bow my head humbly to Thomas Edward “Ned” Lawrence’s shade for the most cutting insult of not having better shooped an image of Peter O’Toole playing his most august and likeable self.

So vertiginously odd to be yelled at for being mean to the memory of a man I’ve been fascinated about since boyhood, and for attitudes that have been largely imputed to me and that I’ve patiently refuted . . . and to be stridently lectured about facts I’d already known, by someone who seems to largely share attitudes that I do as well! I must be on the Internet.

TLDR jokes are jokes, man. Guess you didn’t like it.


And she gave it 5 hoots on TripAdvisor . com

I’m sure after 5 minutes they wanted to tie her to an ant hill.

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I find it interesting that there are so many “this is inspiring” type reviews. I wish I could meet someone who truly felt that this was a stirring tale of adventure. I just don’t personally know enough naive/ignorant people to understand what’s going on in their heads here.


You know, the “from California” part covers the fact that she’s American.


What’s wrong with her eyes ?

Shame of White Guilt or Guilt of White Shame? …but guilty of shamefulness at least and white to boot.

The great white knight.


To be fair, most of the ones that read that way smack something of the “friends family and acquaintances” brush. Not to mention the fact that the negative ones are much more in depth and articulate, amusingly.


True. I did notice that one of the 5 star reviews was from an “Adam Budgor”.


In the Glamour article she notices the buffalo and goes running towards it before anyone else.

In the Guardian article everyone notices the buffalo and someone else has to nudge her into making a decision as to whether or not she will confront the buffalo.


Hahah, oh dear. Indeed it is. Well spotted. “An amazing story told with incredible perspective makes you feel as if you’re in Africa amongst the Maasai. This book is easy to read and endlessly funny. Not to be missed.” Couldn’t even crank out more than three sentences. Poor guy, I wonder if it was written under duress.


This lady is spectacularly racist.


A quick read of her introductory chapters tells you all you want to know: She’s someone who dreams big; BUT the INSTANT something requires actual work and dedication - or more importantly - she is not smothered in accolades and praise, she quits and runs off to something new.

Meh. With more money and drive, she could have risen to the level of Paris Hilton.


I’m not getting angry, despite perhaps accidentally coming off that way. Trenchent might be a better word. As for being verbose, well, that’s one of my typicalities.

That said, you hit the nail on the head. I simply don’t like your joke - I find it unfitting, and it seems to distort history to try to be funny.

The comparison of Budgor to Lawrence implies (unintentionally I assume) that Lawrence was nothing but a bored white idiot trying to “save the savages”. That’s the entire premise of the joke, really, and it’s just not historically accurate.

If the joke’s humor was in the absurdity of the comparison, that’d be one thing. But the comparison is completely serious, and in fact is the meat of the humor - you have to believe that Lawrence was a “bored white idiot” for it be apt or funny.


You know, I don’t believe I’m saying this. . . but so what?

I mean, sure, it’s a bit vapid from the perspective of a lot of us, but she’s not hurting anyone and seems to both be trying to and genuinely believe she’s doing something good.

I’m not sure being mean to her or even saying mean things about her is justifiable.

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Maybe because claiming a title that you bought while on vacation is insulting to a cultural tradition where it takes years to attain such a title.

Then there is profound stupidity of thinking you have done something profound by nagging and paying people to give you a title while you were on vacation.


Reading about this brave woman´s endeavour takes me back to the time when I spent a year becoming a Canuck warrior prince. After I had arrived and made contact to the first locals, one warrior offered me a bowl of poutine. I was petrified, but not about to wimp out on day one, so I closed my eyes and ate it. Minutes later I vomited.


Stupidity isn’t exactly an uncommon thing. Nor is ignorance.

Saying mean-spirited things about her is far worse than anything she’s doing from the information we’ve got linked.

Seriously, this entire thread is worse than anything she’s done. If she or somebody who actually knows her reads these posts, they could cause far more trauma than she did by writing a book some of us think is ‘dumb’

How about we save the meanness for people who are actually mean. She’s harmless.

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Oh, hey, @codinghorror, we have found our example of concern troll. In the wild. Anyone, please disagree.