First space bound Wailacki of Round Valley Indian Tribes woman: Nicole Aunapu Mann

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This is a good. Sometimes the real world of space can be better than the alternate history of For All Mankind.


What’s significant here, too, is that “She is enrolled in Wailacki of the Round Valley Indian Tribes” (wikipedia). At the same time, there is an effort afoot to remove the name of the instigator and funder of one of California’s worst massacres of Native Americans from California’s public law schools.

Good for her, good for NASA, good for California, good for all of us. This is the arc bending toward justice.


C’mon @RobJ you just can’t leave that Native American massacre story just hanging there. Give us a link please. I never heard of this event. It wasn’t the Trail of Tears was it? I know barely nothing of Californian or Native American history.


Sorry, didn’t have much time when I posted, so here’s a little bit more info. I was led to this book by the effort of the Regents of the University of California to strip the Hastings name from California’s public law school in San Francisco. There was a pretty good article in the SF Chron about it which mentioned the book Murder state : California’s Native American genocide, 1846-1873 by Sac State history professor Brendan Lindsay. It’s a great read, I recommend it.

The thing is, Hastings was a land baron and wanted even more land (that’s how it works, y’see). So he paid a bunch of thugs to kick the Round Valley tribes, who lived (and live) in areas north of the SF Bay Area, off their land, by any means necessary (and we know what that means). Well, some survived, and now they are 1) becoming successful at getting the State of California to remove the name of a murderous and thieving white man from California’s first law school (though his descendants, for some nepotistic reasons, will continue to get a seat on the board of directors forever, go figure), and 2) going to the moon.

I went down this rabbit hole with great interest last year. To get more details, please do some searching around the interwebs. And read that book, too, for a great deep dive into how the hastily assembled new state of California came to be in mid-nineteenth century north America. Murder state, indeed.


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