Cameron Crowe's apology for casting Emma Stone as Asian

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I’m upset that M. Stone is a blonde in this film. The real person the story is based on was a redhead.


Is there anything in the movie – other than her name – that says she’s of Asian or Hawaiian descent? (I have not and will not see this movie, because if shit doesn’t explode, I mostly don’t like movies). It’s an original screenplay, yes? So if you have Emma Stone – a pretty bankable start – just change the name to something else. Trying to keep up the fiction by naming her Ng seems weird.


Stereotypes rule!

More like a “please stop complaining about my movie so it can make more money!” fauxpology:

I am so proud that in the same movie, we employed many Asian-American, Native-Hawaiian and Pacific-Islanders, both before and behind the camera… including Dennis “Bumpy” Kanahele, and his village, and many other locals who worked closely in our crew and with our script to help ensure authenticity.

Translation: “Hey, I can’t be racist, I have colored friends!”

We were extremely proud to present the island, the locals and the film community with many jobs for over four months.

“I also hire colored people!”

Emma Stone was chief among those who did tireless research, and if any part of her fine characterization has caused consternation and controversy, I am the one to blame.

“We didn’t do anything wrong, it’s those people complaining that we did who are wrong, but IF anyone is offended, I accept full responsibility. Not that I’m actually going to do anything about it.”

I am grateful for the dialogue.

“Though not for the potentially profit-cutting criticism.”

And from the many voices, loud and small, I have learned something very inspiring. So many of us are hungry for stories with more racial diversity, more truth in representation, and I am anxious to help tell those stories in the future.

“I didn’t learn that I did anything wrong, but I did learn that I need to do things differently in the future. Which isn’t contradictory, at all. So please spend money to see my totally okay but sort of not okay movie.”


Your headline is wrong, should read “Cameron Crowe’s apology for casting Emma Stone as 1/4 Asian”


If you read his post he explains this, doesn’t sound like there’s anything wrong with her name and her character on the face of it, though I haven’t seen the film.

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It seems like some of you are being intentionally obtuse and seeking outrage. I’m not sure why the Boing Boing editor left out this very important part of the apology:

Extremely proud of her unlikely heritage, she feels personally compelled to over-explain every chance she gets. The character was based on a real-life, red-headed local who did just that.

Should we be outraged that he “whitewashed” a character that nature already whitewashed?


Is there something he could do about it at this point? Seems a little late to recast the part.

I’d suggest he retires from making films.


I might have suggested that after We Bought A Zoo.


Or after Vanilla Sky.


Really, it’s been a gradual downhill slide since Fast Times at Ridgemont High.


It seems like some of you are being intentionally obtuse and seeking outrage.

On BoingBoing? Never.


I’m not exactly sure what he did that was so wrong.
The character is based on someone that is part Asian, was very white “looking” and has red hair.
I don’t think he particularly owed anyone anything and figured to post this obligatory apology…


Negative. Almost Famous is brilliant.


So was Say Anything

But after 2000 the gradual decline accelerated, sez I.

Even better: “Cameron Crowe’s apology for casting Emma Stone as 1/4 Hawaiian who looks like a white person”

I’m not really sure where the outrage is coming from, here. Should he have tirelessly searched for a real 1/4 Hawaiian actress that looked white? I’m all for decrying the whitewashing of Hollywood, but complaining about him casting a white person to play a character that, by all outward appearances, looks white… I think we’re stretching a bit far.


I should’ve put sarcasm tags on that post.

I’d rather see the “Nightingale” episode of Shelley Duvall’s Faerie Tale Theater re-cast with some actual Chinese actors. Nothing against Mick Jagger, who I’m sure tirelessly researched the role of a Chinese emperor…

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