Rooney Mara regrets playing whitewashed native American


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how? $


That head-dress was sourced from Hobby Lobby. I can tell from some of the pom-poms, and from burning quite a few fingers on hot glue in my time.


If they can turn The Kingpin black it shouldn’t be a problem to turn Tiger-Lily white. It’s called creative license, even if it does display a complete lack of artistic integrity.


She learned something and grew as a human being?


I don’t find the casting choice to be a problem, I find the source material to be offensive. It wouldn’t have been any less offensive if they’d cast a full blooded native american actor for the part.


Disney wrote Peter Pan?

Why does it have to be an either/or situation? Can’t you have offensive and offensiver?

No, no, no…we have no faith in human growth around here. When someone admits their mistakes, it’s always for the money. /s


Hey, uh, I’m NDN, and even though it’s horrible source material and exploitation, I still think it’s worse to choose to exploit native people without even paying one of us.


Mara Rooney? Rooney Mara?


SyFy’s Neverland miniseries was probably the least offensive adaptation of the story of Peter Pan. Still dubious considering the source, but not nearly as racist as pretty much all the other incarnations.

I like the original story, but I acknowledge it’s problematic themes and the legitimacy of anyone not liking it for those reasons.



I’m thinking that’s a reference to Mickey Rooney’s stereotypically racist character from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


I was more annoyed that they used an adult for the role. I think Carsen Gray did a great job in the 2003 film. But the latest film was just sad. Why did they copy a song and dance number from Moulin Rouge?


Then I’m owed a ton of back pay. I’m wrong every single day.


Mmm, yes, the fine folks who harass their staff for not being “Christian enough”.


To the riches we’re all owed!


Good thing Hollywood finally learned its lesson.

Now, who’s ready for that new movie about Egyptian people?


Or Jonney Depp as tonto.

I mean if you’re going to go with native american stereotypes at least go with the ones dances with wolves used. I actually kinda liked that movie in spite of the long run time.

Edit: And by that I mean I’m sure they got the culture bits wrong for the souix, but they largely portrayed them as people that have flaws as well as positive qualities. I won’t deny the overal vibe of ‘if only we could live as simply and as good as these people’ from the film.


Wait, you haven’t heard? He’s pretty sure his great-great-grandmother was part Cherokee or something and he’s also totally a kinda-sorta honorary member of the Comanchee tribe now so it’s OK.


Well I could theoretically claim to be 1/16th cherokee (I dunno since I haven’t looked that hard, however let’s say I could for the sake of college grants, and other such benefits) but it’s not my culture so I don’t (again, assuming I could.) And he’s fucking bullshit for trying even if he has blood relatives.