Bose locks down central London to shoot commercial

I guess they never heard of neutral density filters, long exposures and chromakey.

I like the advert. If people are going to try to sell me things (fair enough given the world we live in) then I’d prefer they do it through the medium of dance and for a good product.

I’ve got a pair of the QC35s and they are hands down the best noice cancelling wireless headphones I own, and I own quite a few :stuck_out_tongue:

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Farming and mining ain’t the only “real” jobs, though.

Teaching, nursing, science, ecology, etc etc etc

There’s plenty of socially beneficial work to be done, and most of it’s done on a shoestring by desperately overworked altruists. Our priorities are fucked.


Now that’s high-concept!


Given the length of British summer days, if you pick the right time of year you could do your filming at 5am in full daylight.


It’s fairly common worldwide, isn’t it? Isn’t, say, New York a popular filming location?

Maybe not everywhere, though: I remember central Glasgow standing in for Philadelphia for the filming of ‘World War Z’. Not sure why.

I was thinking that. It’s not that impressive to get Piccadilly Circus almost to onesself very early in the day. If anything, I was more impressed to see Blackfriars Bridge totally empty.

You could, but it wouldn’t as quiet as you’d think. I live here and, even leaving aside the night buses, the regular buses start running around 5am (e.g. from 5:10am a bus departs Victoria Station on the 73 route every 10 minutes). Also there’ll be delivery vehicles servicing newsagents, supermarkets and market traders. Office cleaners are out and about doing their thing before the staff arrive. Yes, it’ll be considerably quieter, but not deserted. That’s what makes Christmas Day rather eerie - there is no public transport at all.

These days chromakey (green screen) is often used even on apparently simple mundane shots like standing on the courthouse steps or walking down the street. It’s often simpler than getting permits and locking down even a small urban area, plus it affords the filmmakers more control.

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