Boston Symphony Orchestra flautist files lawsuit over unequal pay


I lament that some great Thrill Kill Kult songs lack live horns.


You try getting the metal wand out through that little gap without touching the edge and having the patient’s red bulb nose light up. I can never extricate that damned wishbone.


Is pay negotiable at hiring? Maybe she took the first number she was offered.


And, more to the point, maybe, juuuust maybe, the offer was less than it would’ve been were she a man?


Why would the BSO’s compliance with pay equity law rely on the negotiating skills of a conservatory trained musician?


Because it’s every man everyone for themselves out there in neoliberal-capitalism land.


Exactly. I loathe negotiating. I can muddle my way through negotiations because … like you said. You know who are good at negotiating? Assholes.

ETA: That is negotiating for money.


As someone who’s constantly told he’s a good negotiator, I’d re-phrase that as “You know who likes negotiating and wants to do it all the time? Arseholes.” More specifically, Libertarian arseholes who think everything in life is an economic transaction.


Sure, but the entire repertoire of the BSO or any big orchestra is not relegated to just Romantic era and post-Romantic pieces. I think flute concertos are more common than oboe concertos, for example, and the timpani are rarely a “featured” instrument.


@gracchus Consider it re-phrased. Except for your misspelling of asshole.

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