Google ordered to pay more than $1m to woman executive it discriminated against

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Only $1 million? Isn’t that what Google execs make in like, one week? :thinking:

I know I know, RTFA:

As a level eight employee, Rowe made about $750,000 a year while some of the level nine employees made over $1 million a year.


And roughly 25-40% of that goes to the lawyers, possibly?


Hey, lawyers need to pay greenfees too, you know?


“Cost of doing business.” Not enough for them to change their behavior.


That silicon valley is an boy’s club with rampant sex and gender discrimination is hardly new, and a $1M dollar payout is petty cash to google

This is the point where I think the whole place should be just shut down. No one should be getting paid that much, and any one that does is pocketing money from lots of other people that don’t get paid what they should


She only made $750,000? Sounds like the kind of problem I wouldn’t mind having.

Maybe, although this might be a case where she had enough of her own funds to retain instead of doing a contingency, in which case she gets all of it. Minus the cut for the IRS.

Best case, after paying legal fees and IRS fees, she’ll get about half a million dollars. Which isn’t enough to be set forever, but isn’t bad either.

The bigger problem for her future is that filing this suit is going to hurt her future hiring prospects. It’s not supposed to but it will. If you factor that in, she’s not going to come out ahead financially from this.


True enough, though I can say with absolute certainty that I wouldn’t need to work many years at $750k to be able to relax from professional life altogether.


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