Larry Page approved $150M stock grant to Andy Rubin despite sex abuse allegations & without board's OK, lawsuit claims

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“There are serious consequences for anyone who behaves inappropriately at Google” … yeah, like $150M consequences. To the upside. Shareholders seem powerless to put the kibosh on this stuff. But how about we say corporations pay triple in tax on any kind of severence pay over $100k, and double that if the person is fired for cause.


imagine what you get paid if you don’t rape anyone :money_mouth_face:


Tech bros gotta bro.

Christ, what an asshole.


It does make one wonder in a situation where someone is charged with sexual abuse - and they get a huge payoff- was his silence needed on something else?


I think you misspelled “Larry Google”


“ousting”? Unless I’m misreading something.

As for this, rich people are horrible and by all appearances, universally morally bankrupt. The richer they are, the darker their darkness.

Oh, I’m sure there are “some good rich people” out there. They just aren’t making the news for some reason.

And if they do, I tend to look at them a bit sideways and wonder just what their angle is.

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“Ouster” is totally a word. It means dismissal or forcible removal. And now that you mention it, it sure seems weird, but, you know, English.

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Interesting. Yeah, English is weird. I read it as “one who does the ousting”, like “accuser” is one who does the accusing. Good to know.

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