NBC fires Matt Lauer over "inappropriate sexual behavior"


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Good for NBC. If only the US government were so decisive.


I’m deeply saddened that this is what it took to be rid of Matt Lauer.


I’m pretty sure the sexual misconduct was him being all up in W’s ass back in the 2000s.


One accusation? That’s all it takes? It sounds like it was highly credible, so I won’t stir up trouble with the idea it’s fake. Nevertheless, it sounds like a one-time… whatever it was. If it’s so serious as to deserve an instant dismissal just for being accused, why isn’t the guy in prison?


After the way he treated Ann Curry and got her fired, I’m glad to see him gone.


Sounds like one direct accusation with credible evidence of a pattern of behavior.

Plenty of things are grounds for dismissal that may not land you in jail. Being a creep can create a hostile work environment, which is grounds, but it doesn’t necessarily cross the line into a crime.


Pretty sure the standard of evidence in a court of law is considerably higher than the standard of evidence in the court of public opinion.

On the flip side, he’s receiving greater consequences by being fired than the vast majority of sexual predators ever receive.


And the victim may have chosen not to prosecute.


Where in the world is Matt Lauer?


Ouch! Losing that $25 million salary has to hurt.




As someone above said, one accusation should be all it takes and it would not be a stretch of the imagination to believe that this has likely happened before. Either way NBC has the right to fire him regardless, and if it were to come out that more women had claims against him and NBC held onto him and decided to defend him NBC would be sucked into a shit storm so i find their decisive action to be commendable.


Thus far it is one reported allegation. I heard on the radio that the NYT was working on a story with several others. Odds are, this isn’t the first time NBC had heard reports on this, and possibly there even could be damning evidence.

At any rate, I highly doubt some one they invested so much in was fired solely on one allegation.


There it is! Nicely done.


I would think it (discharge with one “incident”) would depend entirely on what was in his contract, which we are not privy to. In today’s world, I’m sure such issues are addressed.


Yeah, I’ve been waiting years hoping that he’d leave in disgrace after that whole debacle. I hope to hell she’s displaying a smug sense of satisfaction today, even if for a brief moment.


et tu Matt?


I wish Trump still worked for NBC.


I could probably think of dozens of things that would get me fired after a first-time offense but wouldn’t necessarily land me in prison (certainly not right away).

Imagine the following scenario:

  1. Matt Lauer exposes himself to a subordinate while making unwanted sexual advances.
  2. The terrified subordinate goes to Lauer’s superiors and lodges a complaint.
  3. Upon investigating, Lauer’s superiors find other women who have experienced similar behavior from Lauer but never came forward for fear of losing their jobs.
  4. Lauer’s superiors confront him about the accusations, which he either doesn’t deny or doesn’t provide credible denials for.

Obviously NBC would be remiss not to fire him in said scenario whether or not the evidence against him ultimately resulted in criminal charges.