NBC fires Matt Lauer over "inappropriate sexual behavior"

It’s truly pitiful that there are so many people who we hold to a much higher standard than we do the President of the United States of America.


Kindergartners, for example.


He used to. And he has convinced himself that he somehow “saved” NBC, and that they didn’t appreciate him. That’s why he holds a bitter grudge against the man who then ran NBC, who now runs CNN.

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Sexual harassment can also be a civil offense. There are a wide range of “first time offenses” that can be fireable, and I find it odd that sexual harassment is the only one that requires a trial in the minds of some.


It’s great to see this paradigm shift. Men who got away with this shit for decades and pushed victims into the shadows to live in fear and guilt finally getting their comeuppance.
I’m sure there are women who have done the same thing, I was the victim of this, women trying to “un-gay me” if I had sex with them…seriously? Cost me my job because they were seeking a husband or partner where they worked and were in supervisory positions over me.


Wow. The hell…


And another


Jesus. Garrison Keillor is basically Mr. Rogers for the middle aged Public Radio listener set.


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I swear to C’thulu…if Tom Hanks’ name shows up at all…I am DONE. DONE!

Edit: I have to add this question…What does it say that politically speaking, the left fires and distances perpetrators (Keillor, Lauer, Weiner et. al.) while the right embraces and even elects them (45 and Moore)??? Will this result in them winning more in the political landscape? What will be the fallout there?


I wish there was like a dead pool for this stuff.


Can he be retroactively fired? Symbolically at least?

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We can HOPE that it results in them losing more of the women’s vote, though the last Presidential election showed that a distressingly high number of white women were willing to overlook sexism in the name of perpetuating racism.


Ha! I love it! Matt Lauer and Garrison Keillor have long been on my list of “top ten celebrity assholes”, along with Jeremy Piven. Who is the next member of my list that will fall? Guy Fieri? Carrot Top? Chevy Chase?


When he was on PM Magazine he came to the site of my first job to cover the vfx work we did. It was interesting to see him. He was on air talent but he was also apparently in charge of the remote shoot and while he did nothing wrong there I was fascinated by what I felt was a difference between his on and off air tone.

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Sexual harassment by Carrot Top. I just threw up on the floor a lot.


I cannot imagine why…


I would bet on that trifecta.

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Sexual harassment is like stealing, there might be a unicorn that only does it once, but it’s almost always part of a pattern of behavior. Normally someone doesn’t wake up one morning and say, I think I’ll cross that line I’ve known and respected my whole adult life.

We don’t know what the complaint was, but there are plenty of things an employer might wish to disassociate with someone for that doesn’t merit being locked up by the state.

Small nitpick here. The victim can only sue in civil court. The state, via its prosecutors, holds the sole power in the US to press criminal charges, though they will often decline to if the victim is unwilling to testify in support of their case because prosecutors want to win.

People have been saying things like this a lot lately. I’d like to take a moment to express why I find these sorts of comments troubling. First, while I fully recognize it’s not the intention of most of the people saying please not so and so, it could have a chilling effect on someone who does want to come forward about so and so out of fear they’ll get pilloried for being the victim of someone’s hero or heroine. Second, speculating about people who haven’t been accused of anything lends unwarranted credence to the notion that everyone’s guilty of sexual assault, which creates cover for those visible fraction who actually are. In short, it muddies the waters. That’s just my two cents on the matter. I could be wrong.


Sexual harassment isn’t wrong because the harasser is unattractive or weird. It’s just wrong. I’m sorry if I’m being kind of a hard-ass here, but these jokes seem tone-deaf. I know the internet is an inherently irreverent space, but treating stuff like this as a joke feels pretty unsavory. Maybe I just need to lighten up.