How Google protects its exec-level sexual harassers and pays them millions

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I forget his name, but there was a lot of talk when I was in SV a few years ago that one of the founders had “opened”* his marriage and started hitting on burning man ladies a lot.

*opened as in “I will see other people, if you don’t like it we can get divorced ps i’m loaded and powerful”

This is all hearsay and I can’t confirm it’s truth so take it with the large grain of salt it deserves

Well, of course they did. I feel their original mantra was really an inside joke that was meant to be followed with a:

Do you think Google is the only one doing this? Oh Mark…

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Really! And there’s a job opening, you say?

Asking for a friend.

Maybe you’re thinking of Eric Schmidt and his sex fortress (god I love that term)

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It wasn’t Richard DeVaul by any chance, was it? He also gets a shout-out in the report in an account that includes a trip to Burning Man (pull quote sourced from Daring Fireball):

In 2013, Richard DeVaul, a director at Google X, the company’s research and development arm, interviewed Star Simpson, a hardware engineer. During the job interview, she said he told her that he and his wife were “polyamorous,” a word often used to describe an open marriage. She said he invited her to Burning Man, an annual festival in the Nevada desert, the following week.

Ms. Simpson went with her mother and said she thought it was an opportunity to talk to Mr. DeVaul about the job. She said she brought conservative clothes suitable for a professional meeting.

At Mr. DeVaul’s encampment, Ms. Simpson said, he asked her to remove her shirt and offered a back rub. She said she refused. When he insisted, she said she relented to a neck rub.

“I didn’t have enough spine or backbone to shut that down as a 24-year-old,” said Ms. Simpson, now 30.

A few weeks later, Google told her she did not get the job, without explaining why.

That said, I wouldn’t be even remotely surprised if there’s more than one Google exec using Burning Man as an extramarital sex den.


but but … they’ve just fired 48 peons!

a “job” “opening”?

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