Both Sides


“As you can see, both sides are exactly the same” “voting just proves you accept the system as it is” “as a centrist I am above party politics and will forever remain unaffected”


So the states that are controlled by Democrats are working toward making people’s lives better, starting from the bottom up.

And the states that are controlled by Republicans are working to make it so fucking miserable to be poor that the disadvantaged will either leave or die.

Yeah, no differences there at all…


That’s not fair. The Republicans don’t just attack the poor. They’re just as happy to go after women, lgbt people, immigrants, atheists, union members and other folks going up the income scale to lower middle class.


This is the key realization. Republicans are primarily interested in maintaining economic dominance and control over those demographic groups whom they have historically dominated. Any change in that arrangement is highly threatening to their fragile egos.


That’s why the other half of their legislative agenda is to keep all of these people poor.

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Here in Virginia…

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Depends on locale. Here in the valley, it’s red as sunset and a side of nazis.


Nova is bluer than blue, but only just. Much further south than Dale City, or west of Manassas, and it gets red real fast.

But looking at the maps above, Virginia, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Michigan, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Minnesota, Maryland, New Jersey, etc … all seem to have a plurality, and aren’t as polar opposites as the states listed. Virginia is definitely purple as far as the last couple of elections have been concerned.

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