Botulism sickens 10, kills 1 gas station nacho diner

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“be vigilant about food safety”?? it’s canned cheese!

also, why did it take this long for gas station food to sicken or kill that many people? NO, it’s places like Chipotle, who are far more vigilant, i’ll warrant, that have been doing it.

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“be on guard against all foodborne illnesses.” In other words, don’t eat at gas stations. Heck, don’t eat at fast food places either


No, here’s what it is, don’t eat (cheddar) cheese anything, except the cheese itself.
Also, don’t eat “Alfredo” eather.

What makes these in particular risky?

there is no continuing risk to the public

So they’re saying they’ve removed ALL gas station food from ALL gas stations. Well it’s a good start anyway.


An image from the Futurama episode entitled

Not because risky, because nasty.
But there is possibly riskiness in that, well, actual cheddar is quite temp. sensitive, so there may be something about a fine line between hot enough and too hot.

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They sicken me too, and I’m not even eating them.


Botulism wouldn’t come from that. It was in the can the cheese mix came from. Maybe the can wasn’t bulging. Maybe it was and the gas station person didn’t know what that meant.

My basic point was a recommendation to not eat cheese sauce, because… nasty.

Thanks to BoingBoing I now know to avoid:

Prison toilet wine
Gas station diner nachos.


Well, yeah, but I think that food safety has gotten to a point where people don’t know about botulism in canned food. A few months ago I saw bulging cans in a Safeway 50% off section. I told an employee, and I don’t think they understood they were putting customer’s lives in danger. When I was a kid they warned us about bulging cans in school and in PSAs during Saturday morning cartoons.


I too discovered bulging yogurts in a store. They may not have been bulging when they were stocked.

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Well there goes my Memorial Day plans. Thanks for nothing, boingboing.


I understand that gas stations in the US have become convenience stores/mini markets in their own right, but were I to estimate customers who consumed gas station nachos I couldnt come up with any number at all…

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